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The 1986 D.C. Reunion

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This reunion was well attended by EA alumni from the period 1971 to 1978. Held on the 1986 Labor Day weekend at the Tysons Corner Marriott in Vienna Virginia, Lynn McCaughan worked hard to make this event a total success.

Reunion Stills

Reunion Videos

Taped in part by Jon McCaughan, these segments recall the
memorable events as they happened. Sadly, our friend and fellow
EA alum Jon left us in March 2003. More info at:

Dining Room Scene Part 1 begins with a pan of the 1971-72 alumni table. Chuck Freeland, Andy Huber, Tony Stone, Rudy Duemichen, Dave McGuerty, Mr. Garcia & Sheila Vincent are seen among many others. Run time 1:12

Dining Room Scene Part 2 features Chuck Blackler and wife Karla Brost, Carl Nordstrom, Andy Zahorecz, Jay McGuerty, Shirley Lampman, Brenda Kimball, Meg Morrow, Ed Lawson, Blair Cooper, Melanie Chorak, Dalton Portella, Dick Greenberg & Kathleen Kelley are among many others. Run time 1:31

Dining Room Scene Part 3 pans the many tables including ones where alumni from the 1976-78 time era are sitting. Lesley Mason, Shirley & Gary Lampman, Brenda Kimball, Tony D'Andrade, Lynn McCaughan, Marsha Martin & Lori Couchman are easily recognizable. Run time 2:59

Slightly out of sequence as this clip is after Mr. Garcia's speech. We see Susan Garcia & Lydia Judd. The offer of half price airfares to Rio for a reunion that never happened is proffered. Run time 1:42

Lynn McCaughan gives her appreciation speech accompanied by many hoots & hollers. Run time 2:30

Mr. Garcia's speech punctuated by hoots & hollers and many table scans. Run time 3:11

Lynn McCaughan & Jeff Judd dance to The Beatles. Run time 0:42

Scenes from outside and inside the dining room. Annemarie Berberich, Tom Mackell, Elyse Rothaus, Lynn Kelley, and two unknown guys involved in a serious discussion are among others shown. Run time 1:36

Kristy Brost, Annmarie Berberich, Meg Morrow, Mr. Garcia, Mimi Mackell, John Stabb, Dave Marshal are all part of the crowd standing along the mezzanine. Run time 1:55

Dan Bergen leads off this clip followed by group scenes presenting Chuck Blackler, Dickie Portella, Andy Huber et al. Run time 0:51

Outside the dining room in the mezzanine area many people including Kristy Brost and Jeanette Carter mill about. Some women care for Karla Brost's baby. Denise Joughim walks by then Karla turns to the camera while pacifying her babe-in-arm and good humouredly remembers all those sleepless nights. As the camera pans the crowd we see Robin Mason, Lori Couchman & Lydia Judd among others. Run time 2:38

In this clip we see Jill Spivey, Paul Wheeler, Roger Slothhower, Sheila Vincent, Meg Morrow, Shirley Lampman, Melanie Chorak talking to Tom Slothhower, Marty Varble, Tony D'Andrade, Babes Paren, Mr. Garcia & Chuck Freeland among others. Run time 2:03

Nicky Radcliffe holds court. In two scenes Nicky is seen on the mezzanine and in the dining room surrounded by a crowd of people including Carol Butler, Stacy Rothaus and Shari Jordan. Run time 2:05

The Grand Staircase Finale!
Most of the attendees gather on the staircase and wave goodbye.
Run time 3:51

Lynn's Reunion Song

     A week before the reunion was to begin Lynn McCaughan and Carol Richards gathered at Jay McGuerty's house and recorded this song on Jay's old 4 track reel-to-reel tape deck. Written by Lynn especially for this reunion occasion the song was played in the dining room after introductions by Mr. Garcia on that long ago Saturday night. Now converted into the .mp3 format you can stream LYNN'S REUNION SONG by copying the link address and entering the URL in your player of choice. The song can also be downloaded. Run time 2:57

Lynn's Reunion Song