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Access to these historic Cariocas, videos, and personal photos is made possible through the kind help of the following alumni & faculty:

Mary Kyle Watson Crowner
Rita Moscatelli Sasek
Patsy Childs Barrish
Linda Elliott
Kayte Long
Ruth Judd Roundy
Maxine Mueller Hobbs
Martha Waddell Olson
Ann Ocheltree Marsland
Martha Walker Merritt
Ann Dillabough Magee
Sheila O'Day Newton
Jane Pollard Demmert
Isabelle Horne Rendall
Ginger Quering Casey
Suelena Bastos
Mercy Stirling
Lynn Rendall
Betty Best
Helen Tornovsky Santos
Renee Shaw Carpenter
Elyse Rothaus Butnick
Judy Ackley Brown
Lynn McCaughan Glenn
Jennifer Griffiths Ezell
Jill Spivey Janicki
Marty Arambula Drabek
Bronwyn Morthland Collier

Margaret Wallace McKnight
Martha von Heimburg McElroy
Margot Anderson Derhak
Angela Mueller Vaughn
Desmond & Charity Cole
Archie (Tony) Stone
David Jones
Jay McGuerty
Andy Zahorecz
Carl Nordstrom
Charles Verbeck
Frank Long
Dalton Portella
Johan & Rudy Domenie
Edward Saridaki
Skip Johnson
Bruce Sterling
Ramiro Peñaherrera
Bill Momsen
José H.Dulá
Rick Smith
Gary Davis
Jay Varty
Jeff Clark
João Zecchin
Douglas Turmel
Robert Bramwell
Clayton & Donald Seeley
Charles Kunberger
Dr. Gilbert Brown
Patrick Richoux
Jeph Berberich
Carlos Hilburg
Petrus Bastos
Thomas Page
Walt Perkins
David Presas
Bill Fogtman
James Orser
Dave Martin
James Cook

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From:               John Walter
Class of:

Among many other memories, it was so great to see that the 1971 Yearbook was dedicated to my mother, Mrs. Walter. Thank you to those responsible for another opportunity to remember, tearfully, how wonderful she was.

From:               Graham Ross
Class of:           1968

Thank you for the great memories. I really enjoyed looking at the photos. If I'd known then, that I'd be looking at this 35 years later, I would have made sure they had better pictures of me. Anyone got a spare copy of (the) 1968 (Carioca)? Thanks.

From:               Carlos Herrera Jr.
Class of:           1973

It was a total trip down Memory Lane!
Just wish 1973 had had a yearbook!

From:               Marcia Mesquita
Class of:           1974

Saudades de everyone!!
Beijos no coração...

From:              Sharon Burke

I have just spent several hours looking through the 1956 yearbook and remembering so many people in the photos. I was there from 1954-1957 (sixth to eighth grade). Thank you so much for the renewed memories.

From:              Mary Ann Harvey
Class of:         1980

I have just been transported to some of the happiest times of my life! Thanks for making this possible!!!!!!

From:              John South
Class of:         1958

I note that the great Yearbook for our class (1958) was (Ann Dillabough's). Funny feeling to read what I wrote to her 46 years ago!

From:             Terry Musto
Class of:         1976

Just kind of fell upon this site. Cool to see some pictures from the '96 reunion.

From:             Bruce Stirling
Class of:        1970

Your site revealed what became of many friends following our departure from Rio. The Cariocas took me back in time and made me see what I missed out on when we left in 1965. A special thanks to your wife!

From:           Andy "Morey" Zahorecz
Class of:       1974

God bless to all of those who made EA and my time in Rio so memorable an event of my life. Hope to see you all again.

From:           Jay Varty
Class of:       1975

Com muita saudade do Brazil e de meus amigos de la. Miss you all.

From:           Elyse Rothaus
Class of:       1974

Great pictures of the '96 reunion!

From:           Shari Jordan
Class of:       1975

I would very much like to know if anyone has any idea where John "Buck" Smith is. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Buck Smith please have him call Ronda Jordan King at (972) 617-2668 or Shari Jordan Shaw at (254) 666-2540 He was friends with Eddie Salles, Guy Cabot, Carol Butler.....HELP!

From:           Kenneth Jones
Class of:       1967

Our family lost almost all our old photos during a move many years ago so finding any like these is highly appreciated.

From:           Leslie Saimons
Class of:       1974

I just wanted to thank you for putting together this website: it was fun to look at faces and names from so long ago!

From:            Tom Page
Class of:         1955

EA YB 1952 is certainly a winner....  I knew most of the seniors and to this day, remember them. Good to see the teachers, too. (James H.) Cunningham kept me on the straight and narrow and was a mentor.

From:           Maxine Mueller
Class of:       1952

Thank you for returning the 1952 Carioca....such an adventure after sitting on a bookshelf for 50 years!....The years rolled away while glancing through these Carioca pages. We had a unique experience at EA ...many fond memories and friends never to be forgotten. My best to all of them!!

From:          Dan Bergen
Class of:      1972

Tripped across this web site by shear coincidence...Brought back a flood of long buried memories.

From:        Tom Callahan
Class of:     1961

....looking for Star Elaine Smith (EA'63). Life at the beach is super....

From:        Wray Emrich
Class of:     1966 leaves an emptiness in your heart to look at old friends and photos. I sadly had to leave Rio in 1964. Trying hard to find an Email for Roy Martin or Judy Moore.

From:        Patrick Richoux (EA 1964-1976)
Class of:   1976

Special thanks to Bruce for his original site and now to ....this one. It was truly the best of times growing up in Rio and studying at EA. "Obrigado do coração" to everyone I had the privilege of knowing. Hoping that our paths may cross again sometime in the (near) future.

From:         Mike Hogarth '72 - '79
Class of:     1980

I am eternally grateful for having found wonderful yearbook pictures of both my father and mother. My father's is a timeless treasure and a picture I had never seen. Bill Hogarth, my dad, passed away of lung cancer on 11/17/1993. Thank you for reminding me again how wonderful a person he was.

From:         Terry Clarke
Class of:     1976

...Here's to our 30th in a couple of years, fellow '76ers!

From:        Ann Alford
Class of:    1972

Suadades and amore to all...

From:        Brenda Riley
Class of:    1958

I have sat for seven hours looking at everything on this site. Although I left EA during my freshman year, I recognized many people. What good memories; what a place to spend one's teenage years! I am finally taking my husband to Rio for Carnival 2005, and would like to hear from anyone still living there.

From:        Kim Rendall
Class of:    1972

It would be very nice to get the class of 1972 together. Saudades

From:        Patricia Helena Cocking
Class of:    1975

Oi gente boa, ando com saudades....
I would like to hear from my classmates.
I live in Hollywood, Florida
Hope we have a reunion next year for our 30th

Oi Walter Carvalho
Recebi o seu e-mail e respondi,mas foi devolvido.Escreva outra vez...
Ate o reunion no ano que vem

From:        Walter Carvalho
Class of:    1976

Adorei poder rever alguns dos melhores e inesqueciveis momentos de nossa vida. Aos 47 anos de idade estou emocionado ao ver as fotos dos yearbooks e reconhecer o quanto a EA foi importante para todos nos. Saudacoes para todos da Familia EARJ!

From:        Dana Thorndahl
Class of:    1975

Would love to hear from any of my class-mates. Am now living in Charlotte, NC

From:        Maria Cristina Herrera
Class of:      1975

This site is definitely a BLAST from the past!!! Soul searching to the nth
degree, indeed. And to think thirty years have past....

From:        Wendy Nordstrom
Class of:    1972

I just found this site -- how cool! So -- when's the next reunion?

From:        Marion Tamara Wurceldorf
Class of:    1955

Was also known as Frau Castro, German teacher for many years. On May 13th, 2005 there will be a get-together for the members of the class of '55 -would love to see many of you. Saudades and let me hear from you.

From:        Sally Hale
Class of:    1976

It's nice to look back and remember that I was once young and hung out with some goofy but great intellectuals. Long live the Spirit of the 76'ers!

From:        Gary Marshall
Class of      1977

Like others, I think of my days at EA quite often. Thanks for helping rekindle such great memories!

From:        Doug Simpson
Class of:    1958

So many wonderful memories are conjured up when I browse through the yearbooks and other pictures.....I hope others will send in more pictures. Hope to see many friends at Suadades 2006.

From:        Someone in Australia who did not attend EA...

I stumbled across this website accidentally and have never been involved in the school, Rio, or even South America but, in any case, I have absolutely loved trawling through the photos. what a marvelous resource - this really is history in action.

From:        Sharon Burke
Class of:    1961

I attended Escola Americana from 1954-1957 (6th-8th grade). It was great going through the website again after several years since my first "visit" and seeing new photos and yearbook pages. So many familiar names and sites. Thank you for the hard work that has gone into making all this information available for students who attended Escola Americana.

From:        Mario Innecco
Class of:    1982

Thanks for compiling these pictures! It was nice to see some old pictures of my golf mentor Mario Gonzales at Gavea Golf Club.

From:        Scott Gilmore
Class of:    1972

Thanks for the GREAT web site. My brother Gary and I attended in 1967 and `68, and our father taught sixth grade there those years as well. We got a good education at EA...

From:        Louise De Pinho Miller
Class of:    1974

Adorei rever todos nossos amigos!!!
Que saudades....
Marcia Mesquita, Vera Duemichen, Ninú, May, Ricardo Almeida, Robby B., Thomas Klein....gente onde vc estão?

From:        Marcus Holm
Class of:    1963

Enjoyed looking at the website, it brought back many old memories...

From:        Vera Duemichen
Class of:    1974

What a wonderful opportunity to relive the magical years of my life. Not only have I enjoyed the pictures but have also made contact with long lost loved friends (Marcia, Louise, May). Now that we are all nearing, or are in our 5th decade, is it not time for a class reunion?

From:        Regina Duarte
Class of:    1979

Nossa! Essa foi uma "viagem" maravilhosa no tempo!!! Parabéns às pessoas que fizeram essa maravilhosa home-page!! Me senti presenteada por ter uma parte da minha história de vida documentada!!
Muito Obrigada!
Fui do EA desde o Leblon (1964-1979) e olhando as fotos de lá, eu consegui lembrar de cada detalhe do colégio...que saudades!!!!

Fiz uma Comunidade destinada aos alunos da Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro das turmas de '...'77 '78 '79 '80 '81..., seus ex-alunos, professores, e amigos.
Todos são bem vindos!
Vamos ver se conseguimos achar todos os amigos para matar as "SAUDADES"!!!!
Agora teremos um lugarzinho para ficarmos always "in touch", saber dos eventos que irão acontecer, e principalmente "get together again" mesmo que virtualmente!!!

From        Vania Freire
Class of:    1979

Grande viagem no tempo. Emocionante!

From:        Betsy Montavon
Class of:    1970

Such nostalgia! I was only at EA for a year and a half, but I remembered so much as I explored this site.

From:        Margot Anderson
Class of:    1974

Hi everybody,
I left Rio in 1970 but would have graduated with the class of '74! The pictures in the year book are so great to look at - most of you did not change at all! Has there been a reunion of the class of '74 yet? That would be so much fun!

Beijos e abracos!
Margot Derhak (nee Anderson)

From:        Caroline Pickel
Class of:    1975

I attended EA in 1967 and 1/2 of 1968, attended lower school only. Although I was at the school for a short period, it made an impression on me. Loved the extension photos of Rio!

From:        Thomas Hamel
Class of:    1974

Is it just me, or were these some of the best years of our lives? Abracos a todos.

From:        Linda F. Quering
Class of:    1969

Great site! Love seeing the older pictures. Fashion sure has changed! Tom Callahan - Star is married and living in Punta Gorda, FL. Her address and phone number can be found in the Barulho Brasileiro phone listing. Kenneth Jones - Hi! Sweets. Remember you and Brian Jones were kind of sweet on me. Bless you for making me feel like someone special.

From:        Kiki O'Quinn
Class of:    1980

I attended EA from 1970-1972, 3rd-5th grade.
I LOVED Miss Lucy in 3rd grade in Leblon! You made a great impression on me. Yours is the only name I remember. My best friend, Eri Miki, I still think about you. I hope you find this web site.
Thanks so much for doing this website. It is a treasure! Clayton and Don Seely, our parents were friends way back when. You must remember my brother Michel '78.
I have enjoyed this tremendously. Fantastic job to all who contributed.

From:        Gustavo Eguez
Class of:    1984

Hi my old buddies, I want to get in touch with you guys/girls.

From:        Nancy B. Nye
Class of:    1955

I recently learned of this site - what a treat! Many thanks!

From:        Judy Woodard
Class of:    1959

What a fun site!! I loved my years at EA - I was there from 8th grade through 10th. Especially enjoyed seeing pictures of Mr. Z.!!!

From:        Fabio Scheuenstuhl
Class of:    1982

Really Cool!!!! Browsing through the several years brought very happy memories. Congratulations for the idea. I hope you can manage to add further years.

WEBMASTERS NOTE : EAYEARBOOKS is built out. Only individual photographs will be added in the future should they become available. I encourage the next generation to carry on the tradition.