Rio Bondes

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By the mid 1960's the streetcars of Rio had all but disappeared. Electric busses were attempted as replacements, but they too gave way to the diesel transports that plow down the Avenidas today. Affectionately known to all Cariocas as Bondes these old time conveyances had a charm and Úlan modern modes of transportation decidedly lack. EAYEARBOOKS has been granted special permission by Online Video in conjunction with Transit Gloria Mundi to offer some excellent Rio Bonde footage with narration. These three segments were filmed along downtown streets in the late 1950's, and are culled from 14 minutes 25 seconds of rare Bonde footage originally released on the "Tramways of South America". If you are interested in seeing more trolley and light rail videos please visit the Transit Gloria Mundi website for a complete listing of available videos. Sit back and enjoy classic scenes of when Rio had Bondes.

Rio Bondes Vol.1

Rio Bondes Vol.2

Rio Bondes Vol.3

Rio Bondes Vol. 4

Rio Bondes Vol. 5

Rio Bondes Vol. 6

A Brief Look at a ALTO DA BOA VISTA Bonde.

Alto Boa Vista Bonde

Bonde de Santa Teresa

Bill Momsen filmed these scenes in 1973 of the famous hill climbing Bonde, and is all that remains of what used to be the principal form of transportation in the city...